Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How We Helped Shirley Sell Her House

Shirley - House Seller "Excellent. He was always there for us, called us, communicated in the evening whenever necessary. Took care of us great. Just the mannerism where he would, we initially sat down with him to talk about that he really wasn't pressured, he was just so relaxed and calm. "Yes, if this is what you want to do, would this time-frame work for you, here would be your possible next step, how do you feel about that?" You know, just very informative but not pushy, do you know what I mean? Sometimes, when we had talked to a couple other Realtors, you almost felt like you were being pounced on so to speak. He was there to be serious about the business but no pressure. "Will this work for you?" "What do you think? "I'm here for you" kind of guy. "If you want me but hey."