Friday, July 17, 2015

4 Tasks That Will Improve Your Home's Equity

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If you're looking to sell in this hot Colorado Springs market, there are a few things you can and should do to maximize the value of your home. If you've talked to anyone about real estate lately, they've probably told you that all you have to do to get your home sold is put it on the market and BOOM, it's sold. There is a little bit of truth to that, but to truly maximize the equity of your home, you really need to do four things:

  • Take care of obvious repairs: You want buyers to walk through your home noticing the positive aspects of your house. You don't want them noticing chipped paint, leaky gutters, scuffed up floors, or anything else that might distract them. Make sure you take care of the little things to make sure your home stands out.

  • Remove clutter: Clutter eats equity and kills deals! Make sure you pre-pack your things so they're not laying around when buyers come to visit.

  • Neutralize: Take down things that are very personal to you such as family pictures and artwork. It's time for your home to have its moment in the sun, not your stuff! Also, get rid of anything that might cause a negative reaction from someone

  •  Pump up curb appeal: This is very easy this time of year. You want to make sure the exterior of the home really pops. The first impression is crucial, so you really need to make sure the outside of the home looks top-notch.

If you do these four things, you shouldn't have trouble maximizing your equity. If you have questions about selling, or if you need our assistance with anything, give us a call or shoot us a quick email. We would love to hear from you!